51 friendship affirmations to attract new friends

Quality friends are priceless. They bring fun, help, meaning, companionship, support and a sense of belonging.

Who wouldn’t love to have more of that?!

Sadly, research has shown that most people these days have NO close confidants to talk to about personal matters. Some are saying we are in an epidemic of loneliness.

To help you bring more pals into your life we’ve put together this list of 51 friendship affirmations to attract new friends.

 51 affirmations to attract positive friendships

Louise Hay Power Thought Cards
Louise Hay Power Thought Cards

I am deserving of love and respect.

I am worthy of friendship and companionship.

I allow myself and those around me to be imperfect.

I love and accept myself, and I am a magnet for friends.

I know that the friend I need at each moment in my life will appear with perfect timing.

I trust myself, I trust life, and I trust my friends.

Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.

I have deep connections with my friends.

I attract friends easily.

My friendships are filled with love and joy.

Best friends hugI have healthy boundaries.

I am ready to open my heart to true friendship and meaningful connection.

I am allowed to say no to requests for me to do favors for people and still be worthy of friendship.

I am thankful for my friends.

I harmoniously resolve conflicts with my friend for the highest good within each of us.

My friends are a source of happiness in my life.

I like who I am.

I am surrounded by the love of friends.

I see the good in others.

I am open to meeting new people.

I feel safe and comforted by my friends.

I allow my friends to be who they are and how they are in the moment.

I am attracting kind, warm and friendly people into my life.

I believe in the overall goodness of people.

I am a great friend to my neighbors.

I enjoy chatting to my work colleagues.

I like getting to know new people.

Everyone I meet today is warm and friendly.

I’m good enough as I am to be loved as a good friend.

I am free to express my true self in the presence of my friends.

All of my friendships are enjoyable and positive.

I love who I am and attract others who love me too.

Every week my circle of friends expands.

I am grateful when others extend smiles, kindness and friendship to me.

Good people come into my life every day.

I develop lasting friendships with ease.

I have friends with good values.

There are many friendly people in my neighborhood and workplace.

I look for the good in my friends and verbalize what I notice.

I help others to feel good about themselves.

My friends are important to me and I let them know that.

I am a good and loyal friend.

New friends partying together in cultural costumesI attract the people who like me for me.

I laugh out loud with my friends.

My friends allow me the freedom to be who I truly am.

I am allowed to be selective in choosing friendships that are for my greater good.

I listen to others to understand their perspective.

I naturally attract positive relationships into my life.

I seek out interactions with people who inspire and empower me.

My love and acceptance of others creates lasting friendships.

I smile with warmth and others see I am friendly and open to connection.


How to use these affirmations for friendship

Affirmators love and relationships affirmation cards
Affirmators love and relationships affirmation cards

When reading or repeating affirmations, be sure to feel the feelings they describe. This helps to rewire your brain circuitry in positive ways, and uses the power of the law of attraction.

If some of these sentences don’t “fit” for you, adjust them as you require.

Alternatively you can pick out a few of your favorites, or ones you feel called to work with at this time, and focus on repeating those ones.

The more often you say these affirmations with feeling, the more they will impact your results in life.


Want more?

There are numerous books and card decks by Louise Hay with affirmations for all sorts of topics.

You can also add to these 51 friendship affirmations to attract new friends by creating affirmations of your own.

Also, the quality of your friendships is likely to mirror the quality of the relationship with yourself. So take a look at the self love affirmations to help you realize your own value as a friend.

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