Love me journal

Hi! I created this blog to explore a topic that has been a lifelong fascination for me…. LOVE.

Like you, I’ve wondered how I can increase the love in my life and improve the quality of my relationships.

I’ve spend A LOT of time thinking about this. It’s really been a lifelong obsession. I’ve been trying to understand love…. And to get love. And to learn to feel love. And to more consistently give love…. in more effective ways.

As a modern day, armchair philosopher, I’ve spent decades pondering what love is… in its many different versions… contemplating questions like these:

Questions about love

♥ What is the difference between love and infatuation?

♥ Is love a feeling or an action?

♥ How do I know if I’m “in love”?

♥ Am I actually capable of falling in love?

♥ Is there a single definition of love, or does everyone have their own unique interpretation of the word?

♥ How can I heal from a childhood lacking love and connection?

♥ What does it mean to love myself? How do I do that?

♥ How do I stop myself being infatuated with a person I don’t even like?

♥ Is this relationship good for me?

♥ Does he like me?

♥ What bad habits do I have that are stopping me from experiencing love?

♥ Do I need to be in love to make a relationship work?

♥ Is lasting love real or a fairy-tale?

♥ Do I love him?

♥ Should I stay or should I go?

♥ Is it better to be in a relationship or single?

♥ Is it OK to love more than one person at a time? It happens with children… can it happen with lovers?

♥ What is it like to have an open relationship?

♥ Am I too hard to please or is it good to have high standards in relationships?

♥ What are my blind spots and limiting beliefs around love and relationships?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Red heart helium balloon saying I love you this muchIn my exploration of love I’ve studied psychology and counseling and read countless books and blogs on relationships and human behavior.

Often my answers haven’t come from books and academia but from my own lived experience of life and love. I’m in my 30s and I’ve had many living experiences of love… in addition to my philosophical contemplation and academic learning.

I’ve experienced “love” in many forms… as a daughter, a friend, a schoolgirl, a wife, a mother, a lover… and, above all, as a human. I have loved children, family, friends, lovers, myself, animals, food, sunsets, places, activities, experiences, music, nature… What is the difference between all these loves? Should we be using the word ‘love’ for all these things, or does our language try to use the word to cover too many different feelings/actions/relationships?

I’ve learned to tell the difference between infatuation, a crush, limerence, warmth, compassion, care, excitement, interest, hope, liking, curiosity, and many other emotions that can get caught up in the concept of ‘love’. This has taken years and years of observation of my own emotions and behaviors, helped by studying, counseling, meditation and conversation.

I have learned to love and accept myself, instead of relying on seeking love from external sources. This is a great blessing and brings much peace and contentment into my life. That is why I called the blog “Love Me, Love You”, because I believe the concept of self love is integral to fully experiencing love with/for/from others.

How can I help you?

To a large extent I think learning to love yourself and others is something you have to learn for yourself… But not necessarily by yourself.

Learning to love is much like learning a physical skill like riding a bike or doing gymnastics. You can get advice and guidance from those who already know how to do it, but you’ll only get it yourself through your own experience and practice.

I hope I can help you to explore your own curiosity and help you answer your questions on love and relationships… and, ultimately, to increase the love in yourself and in your life.

I hope you’ll think of me as your older, wiser friend who will help you to think about the deeper aspects of love and life, while supporting you to make your own life decisions.

I’m sure you have inside you what it takes to experience more love for yourself, for your life and for others. I hope this resource helps you to bring it to the surface.