Affirmations to attract love this year

Another new year is coming up again and we’re all thinking about how we’d like our lives to be different in 2019.

If you’re single and hoping for a relationship, use this guide to develop your own personal intention and list of affirmations to attract love this new year.

Set an intention to find love this year

The year I found my partner, I set an intention at the start of the year.

On New Year’s Day I sent a text message to my single friend declaring “this shall be the year of lasting, rewarding, and genuine love“. Within 2 months she found her partner, and by the end of the year, I’d found mine.

Having the intention set at the start of the year changed our focus. It was time to be intentional about being ready and available for the right person:

  • We stopped entertaining relationships that weren’t right and weren’t going anywhere.
  • We weeded out the wrong dates…. passed over the guys who were hot or fun and might have been fun for a short term fling but weren’t a good enough fit for long-term potential.
  • We let go of old relationships and healed old wounds.
  • We learned to see love around us, to feel positive about relationships and about our ability to be in good ones.

When you’re intentional about what you want out of a relationship, you’re more likely to get it.

Your mindset counts. Become clear about what you’re looking for, and what’s really important. If you know what’s critical to look for then you’re more likely to see it when it comes up, and you’re less likely to waste time on the wrong people.

On New Year’s Day I sent a text message to my single friend declaring “this shall be the year of lasting, rewarding, and genuine love”.

Develop your intuition

A great way to help you find love is to become better at trusting your intuition. This helps you quickly work out who are the wrong people for you, and to be more aware if you come across the right one.

Start honing your intuition, by paying attention to which of these affirmations resonate for you, or how you might modify one to suit you just right.

Trust yourself written in red

Affirmations to Attract Love in 2019

This list of affirmations provide ideas for you to find, or create sentences that resonate with you. Change the wording to whatever feels significant and right for you.

  • This is my year for love.
  • I am ready for lasting love in my life.
  • This is the year of lasting, rewarding and genuine love.
  • I am good enough for a good and loving partner.
  • It’s my time for love.
  • I’m ready for my life partner.
  • I am lovable as I am now.
  • I am a wonderful partner to a wonderful partner.
  • I look out for loving, healthy relationships around me, and know that’s what I deserve and choose.
  • I am a good man’s wife.
  • I make my partner very happy in life.
  • I am adored and cherished by a good man.
  • I choose a partner who deserves me and treats me well.
  • I’m ready for the real thing in love.
  • I have enough life experience to help me identify the right partner for me.
  • I see good men all around me. I see happy relationships all around me. I know what I’m looking for and what I want in a mate.
  • I deserve a partner who loves me, cherishes me and respects me.
  • I do my healing and inner work so I’m ready to be a great partner.
  • When someone is not the right match for me, I let them go with good wishes.
  • My heart is open and ready to give and receive love.
  • Love is abundant.
  • It’s my turn for love.
  • I do what it takes to become ready for love.
  • This is the year I heal my past relationships wounds and become ready for love.
  • I am enough.
  • I am lovable and worthy of a great relationship.
  • I’m ready to see clearly the ways I’ve blocked love in my life, and I’m ready to remove those blocks.
  • My head, my heart, my body and my soul all help me identify a good partner for me, and help me identify the wrong ones.
  • I follow my intuition in love and it leads me to the right person.
  • God has a plan for me and gives me the experiences I need in life to become who I’m meant to be.
  • I open my heart for love and connection.
  • I am God’s masterpiece. I am a unique human being who is lovable as I am.
  • Thank you (God, Angels, higher self, Universe) for guiding me to my soul mate.

An alternative to affirmations… visualization

Visualization of romance in front of a full moon

If you’re a visual person, it may work better for you to picture what you want, rather than repeating words in an affirmation.

Try imagining a scenario that represents the kind of relationship you want. For example, if family is important to you, perhaps you imagine yourself several years down the track, gathered around a Christmas tree with a couple of kids and your partner by your side doting over you and your children.

Picturing a long term goal and keeping your focus on that, can help you become clearer about what’s really important in your search for the right mate.

Develop your own intention for love… and make it feel real

When you set your intention, it works best if the sentence really feels “right” and true for you. If you don’t believe it, it’s not likely to work. Repeating a wish does not have the same energy to it as repeating an intention.

Take time to connect with your heart and see what it tells you is right for you this year.

Maybe you know you’d like love, but in your heart of hearts you know you don’t fully believe in love, or you aren’t truly healed from your past wounds.

In such case perhaps this is the year you get ready for love. Perhaps this is the year you learn to believe in love again. Perhaps this is the year you work on your own self love. Perhaps this is the year you get ready for love.

Your intention needs to be personalized for you. When you say it you should feel a sense of “yes”, “that’s it”, “that’s what’s right for me right now”.

So take inspiration from the list of affirmations to attract love and then state your own intention.

What is your intention for love and relationships this year?

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