Benefits of a self love coach

If you realize you’re lacking in self-love, and you’re serious about fixing that, you might want the support of a self love coach.

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What is a self-love coach?

Self-love coaching is a type of life coaching. Coaches use a variety of techniques including questioning, education, listening, NLP/hypnosis, and more. Each coach will be different in their approach.

The coach helps you to increase your self-love in various ways including

  • Improve your thinking, emotional skills, & communication skills.
  • Helps you see your strengths, uniqueness and get in touch with your values and passions.
  • Helps you let go of the past, embrace forgiveness, process old emotions that are holding your back.
  • Helps you see to increase your emotional awareness, vocabulary and sense of embodiment.
  • Improve your self esteem and self confidence.

How can a self love coach help?

We all learn to love from, and with, others.

The way you were “loved” when you were young, unconsciously became your model for how to treat yourself.

So your inner voice and the way you treat yourself were both shaped by the parenting you had when you were young.

Children who had warm, affectionate, emotionally intelligent, consistent parenting generally grow up to love themselves.

No parenting is or was perfect, so we’ll all have a few gaps in our knowledge and skills, and a few emotional wounds from our childhoods. Some people more than others.

Some people have significant gaps in their skills and behaviors around love.

Some people are out of touch with their own emotions. They don’t know what they feel, how to talk about emotions, and how to manage their emotions. This adversely affects every area of their lives.

A self-love coach can help you increase your emotional fitness and self-esteem. They collaborate with you to help you develop a healthier relationship with yourself, learn new skills, develop new patterns of thinking and acting, and find your way back to loving all of you for who you are.

A good coach will see your inner awesome before you can see it yourself, and help guide you back to seeing and feeling it. This is a deep, profound, and worthwhile journey, that impacts your ability to love yourself and others.

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