I am enough & 50 more affirmations for self worth

The phrase “I am enough” is a key affirmation for increasing self-worth and self confidence.

Marisa Peer, Britain’s no 1 hypnotherapist – who developed the Rapid Transformation Technique – says that most people’s problems come down to not believing “I am enough”. And hence, nearly everyone will benefit from strengthening their belief that they are enough.

We nearly all have an underlying belief that there is something about us that doesn’t measure up. The exact flavor of this will vary for every person, based on your individual history.

You can tackle this limiting belief by repeating the staple phrase “I am enough” over and over again. However, I find it works better for me when I repeat it with specific context to the sentence. The possibilities are endless. Customize them to whatever limitations are holding you back in your mind, and rewrite your beliefs to a more empowering set.

Writing out affirmations like this is a really powerful technique for changing your beliefs. I’d recommend writing your own list and write whatever comes into your mind.  Target whatever things you personally tend to feel insecure about. Remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect. Worthiness is your birth rite and doesn’t require perfection in any criteria.

For inspiration, here is a list to get you started.

50 “I am Enough” affirmations

Louise Hay Power Thought Cards
Louise Hay Power Thought Cards

I am slim enough.

I am kind enough.

I am brave enough.

I am smart enough.

I am pretty enough.

I am friendly enough.

I am tall enough.

I am small enough.

I am nice enough.

I am good enough.

I am rich enough.

I am educated enough.

holding hands with babyI am old enough.

I am bold enough.

I am young enough.

I am quiet enough.

I am talkative enough.

I am happy enough.

I am honest enough.

I am creative enough.

Love padlocks on fenceI am secure enough.

I am sure enough.

I am imaginative enough.

I am artistic enough.

I am hot enough.

I am sexy enough.

I am well enough.

I am helpful enough.

I am graceful enough.

I am successful enough.

I am tough enough.

I am soft enough.

I am wild enough.

I am adventurous enough.

I am interesting enough.

I am cool enough.

I am wealthy enough.

I am special enough.

I am real enough.

I am musical enough.

I am enough as a mother.

I am enough as a father.

I am enough as a daughter.

I am enough as a son.

I am enough as a wife.

I am enough as a husband.

I am enough as a friend.

I am enough as a partner.

I am enough as a person.

I am enough as a human being.


How to use these affirmations

When reading or repeating affirmations, be sure to feel the feelings they describe. This helps to rewire your brain circuitry in positive ways, and uses the power of the law of attraction.

I would describe the “I am enough” feeling as feeling worthy, adequate, acceptable, stable, secure. For me, when I write out “I am enough” affirmations I develop a feeling of safety, peace and relief. I have a sense of “I’m ok. It’s ok. Everything’s ok as it is.”

What does “I am enough” mean to you? What feelings does it bring up? What is it you want to feel? Do your feelings change as you continue with the process?

If some of these sentences don’t “fit” for you, adjust them as you require.

Alternatively you can pick out a few of your favorites, or ones you feel called to work with at this time, and focus on repeating those ones.

The more often you say these affirmations with feeling, the more they will impact your results in life.

Want more?

You can add to these 50 self worth affirmations to attract new friends by creating affirmations of your own.

If you want to go broader than the phrase “I am enough” also take a look at the self love affirmations.

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