New Years Resolutions for Love

Happy New Year!

May this be the year all your relationship dreams come true! ♥♥♥

As the old year winds down, and the new one starts up it’s a common time for reflection and contemplation of the year ahead. When considering how you want your next year to turn out, it’s a great idea to consider various aspects of your life: Health, Finances, Fun, & Relationships.

With this in mind, make sure you include one or two New Years Resolutions for Love.

It’s a great opportunity to think about some new goals or commitments you can implement to improve your relationships and love life. Here’s some suggestions to help you find the goal that’s right for you at this time.


Relationship Resolutions for Singles

I will look for happy relationships around me to boost my belief that genuine love is real and achievable.

I commit to forgiving the people in my past who didn’t love me as I’d have liked them to.

I resolve to signing up to an online dating site and completing a flattering profile for myself.

I will do whatever inner work is necessary to create lasting love in my life.

I will practice self love by saying my favorite self-love affirmations to myself in the mirror each morning.

I commit to buying myself flowers once a month because I don’t have to wait for a partner to do that for me.

I vow to date potential partners who are available and ready for the type of relationship I want in my life.

I will stop dating men who treat me poorly.


New Years Resolutions for Love with your Partner

I commit to giving my partner a 20 second hug each evening before dinner.

I will start a I Love You Journal for my partner and write one thing a day for the year that I appreciate about him or her.

New Years Resolutions for Love Making once a weekWe will have a date night every Thursday.

I will verbalize at least one compliment or appreciation to my partner each and every day.

I vow to text my partner whenever I’m running more than 15 minutes late.

I commit to attending couple’s counseling to learn to use better communication strategies.

♥ I vow to take responsibility for my own emotions, especially when one of my hot-buttons is pushed.

I will make my partner a cup of coffee each morning before they get out of bed.

I will say “I love you” to my wife at least once a week because she feels reassured to hear me actually say it.

We will make love at least once a week.

I commit to loving my body and to dress it up in beautiful lingerie that makes me feel amazing.


Love Resolutions for those with Children

I will count to 10 when I get angry before reacting.

I will read my son a bed time story of his choice for 15 minutes each night.

I commit to respecting my teenager’s choice of music and role modeling acceptance of people’s different likes and preferences.

I will help my child learn to make healthy food choices for himself/herself.

I will have a mummy-child lunch date once a month for some quality time together.

I commit to listening to my child’s answers and paraphrasing their response to show them I’ve listened.


Resolutions for Love in the Wider World & Community

♥ I will make friends with my neighbors, starting with baking some muffins to take over and introduce myself.

I will volunteer once a month at a shelter for stray animals / the homeless / battered women / etc.

I will speak up for gay marriage in my state.

♥ I commit to planting 100 trees in my neighborhood this year.

I commit to saying hello to new people in my area to make them feel welcomed.


Have you ever made any New Years Resolutions for love or relationships? What worked well for you? Please share in the comments below.

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