Sweet loving sms messages

Don’t you just adore receiving sweet loving sms messages from your partner? ?

When I hear my phone buzz, my heart jumps for joy with the anticipation of receiving a message from my guy.

It’s such a good feeling to receive a text that makes you feel loved, cared for, wanted, thought of or appreciated.

When we get this feeling a little hit of dopamine gets released in our brain giving us an instant high. And because we’ve come to expect getting this high from our phone buzzing, we’ve become conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs… and just like them we practically start salivating when we hear the bell ring!

Of course you want to give your beloved some of these good feelings too! Because you want them to be happy, plus what goes around comes around, right?!

Sometimes the same old message every day is sweet and comforting. Like…

“Good morning baby! ? Hope you have a fantastic day.☀️”

But if you’re starting to feel like your messages need some variety, then take a look through this list for inspiration.

Tip 1 – adding lots of emojis helps to add emotion to a message, and sharing emotion is what really makes us feel connected to one another!

Tip 2 – customize the messages for your own style. Some people message with proper grammar and spelling, and for others anything goes. Take the sentiment of the messages below and write them in the style that feels most like “you”.

Sweet loving sms messages for the morning

“You’re perfect for me. I’m so lucky.”

“I always wake up happy since I met you.☀️”

“Good morning!!! Rise and shine!!! It’s a perfect day outside ☀️?”

“Good morning gorgeous. ?”

“What a beautiful day outside. Hope you get to soak up a bit of sunshine on your way to work.☀️”

“You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning ???”

“Have a great day at work babe!”

“I love you. Hope your day goes well.”

“Good luck with your exam today. I know you’ll ace it!”

“Yay, today’s arrived. Can’t wait to see you this evening!!!”

“Good morning my love”

“Good morning baby! ? Hope you have a fantastic day.☀️”

“Thanks for making my coffee before you left this morning. You’re awesome! ?”

“Morning sugar. What are you up to today?”

“I was wondering… How can I make you day better today?”

“I bet you’re looking good after your gym session this morning. ?”

? ? ? ? ? ? ❣️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Loving texts for touching base during the day

“How are you today, beautiful?”

“It’s a lovely day out there. Wish I could be lying on the grass in the park with you.☀️”

“How did your meeting go, honey?”

“I love you!”


“I had a lovely time with you yesterday. Can’t wait to see you again.”

“You looked great in that red T-shirt on the weekend. ?”

“How was lunch today?”

“How’s work going?”

“Only 5 more hours til I get to see you. ❤️”


“What shall we do tonight?”

“What are you up to this weekend?”

“My friend was talking about a new movie today and said it’s great. Let’s go check it out.”

“Hahaha That picture you shared on Instagram was hilarious! ? ? ?”

“Feeling any better today?”

“Yum. Lunch was delicious today. Thanks for making it. ?”

? ? ? ? ? ? ❣️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



Sweet text messages for bedtime

“Good night sweetie! ? Sleep well. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight my love ❤️ Sweet dreams”

“Loved seeing you today babe. ? Gonna dream of you tonight. “

“Sweet dreams boo ?

“Night honey. Love you!”

????????? “

“I love you so much baby. “

“I’ll miss you tonight. Hope you’re in my dreams. ?

“I’m a lucky woman to have found you. A very lucky woman.”

“Wish you were here next to me”

“I ❣️u”

“Hope you dream of me tonight. ?

“I’m looking at your photo now so I feel relaxed and happy before i go to sleep. ?

“You’re amazing! I’m so glad I know you. Good night”

“I feel really blessed to know you. ?”

“Goodnight sexy! Can’t wait to be with you again. ? “

?? ?? ?? “

“I’m going to drift off to sleep picturing your beautiful smile…”

“Had a great time with you this evening. I’m on such a high it’ll take me hours to get to sleep!”

“I love you.”

❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ❣️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Share your own love texts…

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